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At Keepers Kennels we welcome all types of dogs from the very old, to young pups; from Great Danes to Chihuahuas; single dogs and family groups are always welcome.
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Pamper Your Pet Here at Keepers Kutz Grooming Parlour, I believe that people aren't the only ones who should be pampered. Your pet deserves a day of grooming, too! Bring your furry friend over and well make their fur shine-guaranteed.

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For all the latest Keepers Kennels news, you can keep yourself up to date by reading the posts on our news page, we update our news regularly so check back often!

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About Keepers Kennels A day at Keepers

A day at the kennels starts at 8am when we go down the kennels and give the dogs their breakfast and let them out for a run around while we clean the kennel. They have about half an hour out and if they like other dogs we try to put them out together to play.

Around 1pm we go down to check on the dogs and let them out again for a play. Again about half an hour. Then at 5pm we go down to give the dogs their dinner and another run around. When we come up we give the dogs a bonio and put them to bed for the evening.



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